Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum

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While we no longer sell direct as we just couldn’t keep up with individual orders, many fine vendors carry our products and more are being added all the time. Some carry more of the line-up than others but they are all obviously retailers with impeccable taste!


This is a great smelling aftershave that is a witch hazel-based product. Could be used as a cologne as well! As with all our colognes and aftershaves, it is very important to shake the bottle well before each use as separation of natural oils is to be expected. Available in most scents. Comes in a 4 oz and 8 oz cobalt blue glass bottle.

Aftershave (Special Reserve)

This product is not for sissies! We ask that our regular aftershave is used before attempting this product since it is more potent! Available in most scents.


Our unique blend of bay rum oils combined with earthy fragrances to provide you with a classic cologne. Rustic yet sophisticated. A man’s cologne.

Beard Oil

Hydrate your beard and give it a slight shine for that healthy look and a soft feel just as a great beard deserves. Available in most scents. Comes in a 2-ounce cobalt blue glass bottle.

Beard Shampoo and Conditioner

Hemp and Omega-3 formula will help keep your beard not only fresh and clean but more manageable! Pairs well with our Beard Oil line. Available in most scents. Comes in an 8-ounce cobalt blue plastic bottle with a pump.


Smooth, non-sticky and great for dry hands. Available in most scents. Comes in an 8-ounce cobalt blue plastic bottle with a pump.


This vegetable protein base deodorant neutralizes the enzymes that cause odor to a simple salt. Free of aluminum. Available in all our great scents (including unscented). Comes in a 2.5-ounce twist-up tube.

Skin Balm

Great for dry and cracked skin, this skin balm is a great alternative to lotions and has consistency similar to saddle soap or thick shoe polish.

Weiner Shampoo

Obviously, we are referring to wiener dogs (but we won’t judge). Lightly scented shampoo (great for all breeds) to get your dog clean. Comes in a 4oz cobalt blue plastic bottle with flip cap.

Shave Soaps

Our shaving soaps contain shea butter for a smooth feel and great lather on your face.  Soaps are 3 inches in diameter to fit into a standard shave mug.  Available in all scents (including unscented)

Shave Soap Sticks

These are a version of our popular Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum Shaving Soap in Shaving Stick form. With a shaving stick, you rub it directly on your wet whiskers and whip up a lather right on your face with a shaving brush. This is great for traveling or shaving in the shower.

Bath Soaps

Our Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum Creamy Bath Soap & Shampoo Bar will fill your bathroom with a fantastic aroma every time you use it! Available in seven fragrances (and unscented).

Shaving Mugs

This needs a description.

Air Freshener

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